Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trip With the Teacher (1975)

This gore classic is filled with bad ass bikers, over acting, and hot school girls.(or at least the 70's version of hot school girls) This short bus with four chicks is on a field trip or some shit, their parents excuse to get rid of their kids for the weekend. So this bus is cruising a long through the desert for some fucking odd reason, great place for a field trip. Right? They stop to get gas at this hick town gas station when these three bad ass bikers Al, Pete, and Jay come strolling up. Al starts shit with everybody the girls, the teachers, the gas station attendant I mean everybody.I'm thinking pretty bad ass so far. The bus leaves only to break down miles up the road. The bikers come cruising up and stop to help/fuck with them. They end up tying rope to the bus and pulling it in to the middle of nowhere with there bikes. Then Al who is slowly getting crazier and crazier some how breaks the bus drivers neck, everyone starts freaking out and right away I was like " No blood? What the fuck! "

Jay of the three bikers is not into this shit at all but the other biker Pete, Al's brother is kind of into it and they end up kid napping the bus full of girls and the teacher. They all end up in some abandoned shack in the desert and the two brothers just decide to start raping these bitches, it's fucked up. So yeah there is a lot of rape and no blood, this dude Al is just going fucking bunkers, he makes weird faces, he can really walk or run I guess that's his "style" the acting is hilarious. Jay tries to make make an escape on his bike and Pete chases after him and send Jay over a cliff and again No Fucking Blood! One of the girls Tina tries to escape and Al ends up chasing her down and suffocates her in sand and just takes a little nap... I think. Then he hums a little tune for a bit and take another nap. Al comes back to the shack his brother Pete is drunk as fuck and Al want to do some more raping. After all that rape Al gets a little tired and falls a sleep. They wake up cause one of the chicks has to go to the bathroom Al has Pete follow her outside only to find out that our home boy Jay didn't die in the bike crash off the cliff and is waiting on the roof with rope ready to strangle Pete when he comes out. Al comes out when they are dragging Pete's dead body into some bushes and oh shit Al is not happy. It comes down to a knife fight to the death Jay and Al go around and around and then the teacher runs in out of nowhere and stabs Al in the back, holy shit I think there was a little bit of blood.

Trip With the Teacher(1975) *
Gore: 0 stars
Boobs: 2 1/2

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