Monday, March 28, 2011

Brain Twister (1991)

Brain Twister not really gory but it was on a gore box set of mine so I figured I'd check it out. It starts off with some chick jogging down the road all peaceful and shit, then a car pulls up and runs her over (Great way to start a movie just a bummer for there was no blood) it then then leads into some weird  psychedelic color thing with someone tied to a chair watching all these visual screens, its cheesy.
So what I get is this college professor Dr. Rasman  is doing experiments on mind control cause all these kids are bat shit crazy that he experiments with. This student Lori wants to do an internship with the great doctor and the plot thickens. One of his students ends up killing his girlfriend in some mind, rage, freakout and the cops get nosy. So you can see where its going.
The cop ends up falling in love with Lori and she starts to believe the doctor is in on the murders and so on. I'll be honest I was so bored with this movie its not gory at all, no boobs, and its just boring for a gore movie and also it ends with the mind control simulator being a prototype for video game, which is just wrong. It's something you might like to watch if you were high on LSD or something but I wouldn't recommend it a friend.

 Brain Twister (1991) *
GORE- 0 stars
Boobs- 0

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