Thursday, March 3, 2011

Satan's Slave (1976)

This satanic thriller about this chick Katherine is on a trip to her uncles with her parents, they pull in the drive way crash the car and it explodes and only she survives. Its all fucked right from the get go her uncle Alexander is creepy, her cousin Steven is creepy, and there is some creepy chick/housekeeper Francis . Her uncle drugs her right away and she doesn't know what the fuck is going, her cousin is trying fuck her, it's weird. Two minutes into this pile of crap Steven is trying fuck this random chick and it soon turns into rape pretty much, rips her clothes to shreds, she won't fuck him so he kills her and that is a bad "kill scene" he stabs her in the stomach and you can tell the blade doesn't even go bad.
So either way Alexander and Steven are trying to resurrect Katherines' great great aunt Camilla who is some powerful witch or something and to do this they have to sacrifice Katherine because she a direct descendant . The only real gore is when Katherine's boyfriend that you meet real quick in the beginning jumps of a building and his head gets all smashed up because her uncle Alexander does some satanic voo-doo shit. It's fucked up. So they have to do the sacrifice on Katherine's 20th birthday, Francis tries to help her escape her uncles mansion but they get caught. They take Katherine out in the woods and they start the sacrifice,Katherine gets loose and make her escape  but "oh shit" surprise ending Katherine's father is still alive, she almost makes it out but her father convinces her it was all a dream but he's in on it too.
Bad acting, bad kill scenes, and bad filming. All around just a shitty movies.

Satan's Slave (1976) **
gore : 2 stars
boobs: 6 1/2

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