Monday, March 28, 2011

Nightmare in Wax (1969)

 I had to get drunk as fuck to watch this "nightmare"...... So It goes like this.
The stars of Paragon Pictures are disappearing left and right and Vinnie's  wax museum keeps getting better and better. Vinnie was a  makeup artist of Paragon Pictures who had a falling out with Max Black the owner over Vinnie want to marry Ms. Morgan the studios lead female actress. Vinnie now creates wax sculptures of famous stars and it just so happens that every time a star goes missing Vinnie does a sculpture of them.

So basically Max throws a drink in Vinnie's face while he's lighting a cig and sets him on fire which leaves him scared on the face and let me tell you the makeup on the film is great.... the scar looks like gray bubble gum on his face, oh and he's got an eye patch. Ms. Morgan's new boyfriend Tony Dean disappears after their engagement party and the cops are on the hunt. You kind of know right away that Vinnie is doing the kidnapping they don't try and hide it all in the story line, he's really creepy and weird you just know he's killing these people and making wax versions of them. Vinnie is working on the wax Tony and Tony starts talking and you realize he's not killing these people he's paralyzing them and putting them on display.  It seem that these zombies need shots every once and a while the keep them paralyzed, which soon becomes a problem.
Vinnie tricks a girlfriend of Max's to bring him to the museum late one night and ends up paralyzing them both actually he paralyzes Max and kills the random girlfriend. Vinnie goes to ditch the body and the cops are after him. He ditches the car and heads back to the wax museum to meet Ms. Morgan. So by now the cops know whats going on, one of the detectives hides out in the wax museum to wait until close a see whats going on. Mean while all the sculptures are starting to become unparalyzed and all hell is breaking loose, Vinnie tries to kill Max and ends up jumping in to a vat of boiling wax or something like that and killing himself.
All in all not the worst movie I've ever seen, the acting is good and the filming but there really is no blood or gore which sucks and there no boobs either but what can you expect from a 1969 film.

Nightmare in Wax **
Gore: 1 star
Boobs: 0

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