Monday, March 5, 2012

Bloody Pit of Horror (1965)

Bloody Pit of Horror starring Mickey Hargitay from "The Love of Hercules" and "Promises!Promises!" with Jane Mansfield. This movie starts out in the mid evil times with an executioner getting executed for his crimes of torture. They put him in some sort of iron maiden with a glass window, he has been sentenced to death by his own torture device. He curses them all and swears revenge and they shut the door and seal it. There is not a lot of blood but its a good start.
We then fast forward to the 60's. A group of photographers from a book sleeve company or some shit, drive to an old castle for a photo shoot. They think the castle is abandoned but there is some weirdo that lives their with some big muscled guy wearing a tight sailor shirt (kind of homo erotic but subtle). He kicks all of them out of the castle but then he agrees to let the crew stay the night after there long drive, they are told not to go into the dungeons and of course they do like a bunch of dumbasses. The group sets up to do there photo shoot and they find a brunch of mid evil gear and they start fucking around and they break the seal on the executioners tomb. The executioner is back and bodies start piling up.

This movie is pretty good. Its has a very playful S&M feel to it and I was surprise to see this in a 1965 film. Maybe I'm just really high but there is some funny acting in it, but then again I find subtle funny things in everything. The kill scenes and traps/torture devices are all pretty cheesy, and there is some blood which is good. If you get a chance check it out, I found the film on some horror comp call "15 films: Horror"

 GORE- 3 stars
Boobs- 0 (but there is some camel toe)

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