Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Smoke a fatty and get into this film directed by Amy Jones(Mystic pizza,The Relic, the Beethoven movies, and Indecent Proposal) and starring Michele Michaels and Robin Stille. Slumber Party Massacre is your basic " girls left at home/escaped killer" movie. There's lots of boobs, bad acting, and lots of blood (things that make a great gore film) right from the get go in this early 80's horror classic.

Trish is having a party and everyone is dying. Trish's parents are gone, there's a weird neighbor keeping an eye on things while they're gone and she has invited some friends over for a little party with some weed and beers. It just wouldn't be a slumber party without some guys trying to sneak in. The girls' boyfriends are playing pranks, trying to scare them. ( your regular slasher plot) Soon enough they start dying one by one. The escaped mental patient is on the loose.
The killer in this film used a big fucking power drill, it's great. It makes all the kill scenes really gory and I love it. So if you're into lots of blood and guts, check out this horror classic and you won't be disappointed.

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