Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Halloween Night(2006)

This movie creep as fuck, right from the get go. It starts with this kid watching his mother get rape and killed, she gets her head blown off and it's gory as fuck. So this kid tries to escape and ends up getting burned by steam. It then cuts to 10 years later and he is in an asylum all burnt to shit and creepy looking. He kills two guards and escapes to seek revenge( I assume).

The movie then leads into your basic college kids Halloween party at the "scary house" out of town. David plans to scare all his friends with some Halloween pranks and that all goes to shit and a blood bath ensues as this burnt asylum nut job murders them all.

Check out this flick if you love gore, blood, and boobs. It's great I loved it, director Mark Atkins has got his shit together when it come Horror and Gore.

Halloween Night (2006 )


GORE- 5 stars!

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