Friday, January 13, 2012

Apirl Fools Day (1986)

"April Fools Day" a cheesy 80's horror classic. A weekend of friends on an Island get away and some April fools day pranks. I mean you know it's a good movie when the guy who played Biff Tanner in the "Back to the Future" movies is the star, I also recognize a few of the cast from some other B-film classics.
Everybody is invited to Muffys' house in the woods for the weekend and one by one they all start dying. The plot definitely isn't original but there are some plot twist that are pretty good. The acting and the dialog aren't the worst I've ever seen but it's still your basic cabin weekend slasher film. This also might the only movie I've seen were a guy gets murdered buy getting his dick cut off, so that's new.
You are not missing much if don't see this one, it's not really gory, no boobs,and the kills are pretty weak.

April Fools Day (1986)

Gore- 2 stars
Boobs- 0

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