Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zombie Dearest (2009)

This movie can not be taking seriously. Zombie Dearest by David Kemker had to be written as a comedy, it comes off like one but wrapped around a zombie flick. David play a guy named Gus who fucked up his relationship with his girlfriend Deborah ,she leaves him and moves to farm house. And guess what? Gus follows her. Right away Deborah has a weird flash back to a woman and man burying a body shortly after Gus show up and swears he will do anything to win her back. They make some agreement where he fixes up the house and she takes him back.
Here is where I think its becomes a comedy, the dialog is hilarious and the story gets fucked up. After a fight with an insensitive plummer who makes fun of retards Gus is left to fix the septic tank out back. Gus ends up digging up a zombie and instead of running for the fucking hills, he puts the zombie to work. I mean what the fuck, where is this story going?

If you like funny, fucked up horror flicks with bad dialog and weird plot twist( I guess you can call them that ) check out ZOMBIE DEAREST. You'll get a laugh at least I did.

Zombie Dearest (2009) ***

GORE- 1 star
Boobs - 0

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