Monday, August 29, 2011

Terrified (1963 )

Terrified is a black and white picture a psychological thriller more than a gore film almost like "Saw" without all the blood and guts, but its on a gore box set I bought. So I figured I should check it out. The movie starts out in some run down old west city or something and a kid getting buried alive by a masked man. It cuts in with a couple driving peacefully down the road and this lunatic is out trying to run people off the road or play mad games of chicken with unwilling participants.You can only imagine it's the same guy in the mask. I guess it's a good start. The couple pulls into this diner and they are in an up roar over the "near miss". They are introduced to the owner Wesley Blake and he has heard of these car incidents all night. One of these unwilling participants is Ken Lewis who just popped into the diner and he just happens to be writing a mid-term paper on human fear and what better way to research than to hang out in a run down town with a lunatic running around killing people. The whole movie kind of plays off your basic fears the dark, spiders, being lock in a room, drowning and such. I really like it, it must of kept the budget down on film.

I can't say its a really bad movie the acting isn't that bad, the filming is pretty good, and the story line is pretty good too for the time this movie came out. So if you get a chance check it out, it's a classic. You can probably only find it on random horror and gore box sets like the one I got (Gore House Greats)

Terrified (1963) ***
GORE - 4 stars

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