Saturday, August 6, 2011

976-EVIL 2 (1992)

976- EVIL 2 has a great beginning boobs and blood right off the get go. This chick is swimming late one night at school or at least I imagine it's at school. She is showering after she get done swimming and this creepy old guy (Mr.Grubeck) chases her threw the halls and I really want to know why every door is lock at this school. She is obviously there swimming you would think a door would be open so you could leave, well either way she ends up getting impaled and the blood splatter is great! There's a killer in Slate River and Spike is going to find him. Spike is a bad ass biker from the first 976-EVIL. So basically you call this horoscope number and you get what you think is powers and the help of yours truly Satan. Robin is the other main character and right away she is having visions of the first killing.
Mr. Grubeck get arrested for the killing and you think " damn that was fast, movies over." He some how uses his power to leave his body, escape from jail, and continue his killing spree as a ghost. Spike hooks up with Robin and they are off to figure out how to stop this creepy fuck.
The acting isn't that bad but the special FX are pretty cheesy, I guess for 1992 what can you ask for right. So this is a pretty shitty horror movie I wish there was more blood and guts, it had a really good start but it's not the worst I ever seen. Oh yeah and Brigitte Nielson makes appearance.

976-EVIL 2 (1992) **
GORE- 2 stars

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