Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)

Ok here is a not too bad movie about Jeffrey Dahmer done from the view of his parents. No matter how you look at this guy was a sick fuck, the movie goes through him being a kid and killing animals and all the other psycho shit this guy was into. Directed by Rich Ambler, he does really good job and puts a new spin on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. I couldn't really tell you any of the actors they were pretty B-film but they do a pretty good job not the worst acting I've seen and there is a couple good kill scenes and you know I love that shit. The more blood the better. So if you get a chance and you're one those people that loves serial killers I'd say check it out, it's a new take on an old story.

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006) **
Gore: 2 stars
Boobs : 0

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