Monday, May 30, 2011

knock, knock (2007)

Ok this movie is not a bad movie, it's pretty gory and I like that. This group of high school kids (the popular ones) start dying off one by one and the town is pissed, well all the people in town and they want a quick fix. Nikki one of the main characters has a grand father who use to be a cop and he is on the case, he starts to realize that all the victims fathers played football. The whole time there is this weird handicap guy that is playing with dolls and shit, so you think he's the killer. He ends up telling the cops a story of when he was kid and these football players bullied his friend and him and they ultimately end killing and now some sick fuck is out for revenge.
The gore in this movie is great! Lots and lots of blood and guts, it even has kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to it. I love it. Everybody that get killed in this bad mambo jambo gets slaughtered, I mean there is a fucking blow torch killing. It's sick. So highly recommend this movie check and find out what happens

Knock, Knock (2007) ***
GORE - 4 stars
Boobs - 2

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