Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Secreto Matusita (2014)

Time to review The Secret of Evil, I mean Grave Encounters, I Mean Secreto Matusita, I mean 100 Ghost Street, I mean I could go on. Okay , but for real now it’s like all those other movies except dustier. I mean it’s really dusty. Secreto Mutusita or as Netflix likes to call it The Secret of Evil, which I don’t know why they changed it Secreto Mutasita is way more descriptive after you watch it. They must have been like “oh my god nobody will watch it if it doesn’t have an American name”. So anyways.
Secret Mutusita is a found footage film directed by Dorian Fenadez-Moris and starring Bruno Espejo, Lupita Mora, and Eduardo Ramos. Now my problem isn’t the acting, it’s not the directing, it’s the story and the whole sub-genre. It’s like every other found footage film lately. The set ups are all the same I just saw where it was going instantly, it was like I’d seen this movie before. You got interview exposition, haunting tale, trying to get a tv show or a college class, you’re gonna need a clairvoyant, you have stay the night, you’re going to be locked in or get locked in. You know? The basics. With this comes the part of the movie that I just love… that’s just 30 minutes of setting up cameras, and you wait, and wait, and wait some frickin more. For a little pay off. 
And I know I’m just nitpicking. I know found footage films are cheap ways to make a scary movie, and if you're a first time director it's a good way to get your foot in the door in hopes it may lead to bigger and better things. I must say for found footage they do it very well, and also they didn’t over due the jump scares. They built up some creepy moments. It was fun. I don’t see a lot of horror coming out of Peru, this was my first that I know of and it was fucking pretty good. Check it out.

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