Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ghost Game (2004)

Ghost Game- Directed by Joe Knee and starring a bunch of people you don't know, well you might know cousin Ted. This movie is a basic cabin slaughter film. A group of college kids go off to woods for the weekend. What do you think is going to happen? They're all going to fucking die! So these kids are going to a cabin for the weekend to get away. It just so happens that years ago a group of witches had a sacrifice there and they all died. Now they haunt this cabin and make you play a game.

The acting isn't the worst I've ever seen, There are some funny parts(the ecstacy sex/death scene is pretty rad) and plot isn't too bad. But it still falls in the realm of " Shitty Movie". Check it out if you get a chance or if you're just plain bored and don't want to shoot yourself in head.

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